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A Day in the Life of an Acorn

Acorn 8 Oaks Daycare opens its doors at 7:30 AM. Children are engaged in free playtime until about 10AM and will be offered a snack during this time. At 10:30 AM, 'cleanup' time begins and the transition is marked by lights off. Children then participate in 'circle time' during which different activities are provided, example; songs, stories, puppets, calendar. Children them move outside for free play until 12:30 PM. Children then move inside for lunch time, followed by story time, and then lights out for rest time at about 1:30 PM until about 3PM. There is a short story time at 3PM, followed by a snack, and then the children have free playtime outside and inside, until they go home. Daycare closes at 5:30 PM.

The information and policies on this website are subject to change from time to time. Please contact Acorn Head Supervisor to confirm the most current information.