We seek to instil self-esteem, independence, sensitivity towards others, and a love of learning in the young child. The promotion of the total child's growth emotionally, intellectually, socially, and physically is our aim.

To this end, the children are involved in a balance of spontaneous (self-chosen play activities), routine (snack, lunch & rest time), and organized (teacher planned and taught) activities. The program includes group and individual, active and quiet play experiences which are both educational and enjoyable.

Special features at Acorn Daycare Centre:

  • A stimulating quality program
  • A staff committed to working together as a supportive unit
  • healthful and varied snacks
  • interesting small group outings
  • a challenging playground
  • the option of part-time as well as full-time daycare

A Day in the Life of an Acorn

Acorn 8 Oaks Daycare opens its doors at 7:30 AM. Children are engaged in free play time until about 10AM, the will be offered a snack during this time. At 10:30 AM, 'cleanup' time begins and the tra¬nsition is marked by lights off. Children then participate in 'circle time' during which different activities are provided, example; songs, stories, puppets, calendar. Children them move outside for free play until 12:30 PM.

Children then move inside for lunch time, followed by story time, and then lights out for rest time at about 1:30 PM until about 3PM. There is a short story time at 3PM, followed by a snack, and then the children have free play time outside and inside, until they go home. Daycare closes at 5:30 PM.

*Link to calendars here*


The Centre prepares nourishing snacks in the morning and afternoon, and provides water, to go with lunches (taking into account any known allergies the children may have). Depending on the needs of the children in the group, the staff may provide a small snack for children who arrive very early in the morning or who stay until closing.

When planning shack menus the Canada Food Guide and the different ethnic backgrounds of the children should be taken into consideration.
The staff will supplement or provide a child’s lunch if necessary.

All persons handling food, whether staff or children, follow the rules of cleanliness as required by the Vancouver Health Department.

  • Parents are responsible for providing their child with an adequate and nourishing lunch.
  • Children are not to bring candy, gum, or other junk food to the Centre.
  • The staff is available to discuss good nutrition with parents at any time.
  • Parents need to provide recyclable containers for lunch as much as possible.
  • Parents should pack their child's lunch with cold packs and put warm food in a pre-warmed metal thermos.

Rest Period

All children are required to participate in rest time. Many preschool aged children benefit from sleep or quiet rest time midday. During rest time, children are asked to rest quietly on their mats; some children may sleep, depending upon individual needs.

Young children often find “rest time” difficult when they are new to the daycare. If children have a favoured blanket or stuffed toy, that helps them to sleep at home, it may be advisable to bring it to the daycare also.
The length of the rest period is 1 ½ hours.

Parents are responsible for providing their child with a blanket, which is marked with the child’s name. The daycare will assign a fitted sheet to each child, that the parent will be responsible for, for as long as their child is enrolled in Acorn Daycare. Blankets will be sent home to be washed weekly.

Diapering/ Toileting

The daycare staff follow standard procedures for diaper changing or potty training, including:

  • Wearing disposable gloves for diapering.
  • Washing hands between changes.
  • All children and staff washing hands thoroughly between care routines.

Staff will:

  • Encourage and assist children to undress and dress themselves as they are able.
  • Decide with the family when and if the child is physically and emotionally ready to start to use the toilet (accidents are treated in a matter-of-fact manner).
  • Be patient, supportive and understanding during this learning process.
  • Be respectful of the child’s needs .

What to Bring

Your child will need to bring:

  • small blanket for rest time
  • spare clothing
  • nutritious lunch

Please do not allow your child to bring toys from home. He/She may have difficulty sharing them, and they could easily become lost of broken. Cuddly toys, kept in the child's cubby for sleep time and/or security, are welcomed.


Please have your child wear play clothes which are warm, comfortable, and easy for him/her to handle. They should be easily laundered, as he/she may fingerpaint, etc. on them. It is important that each child have a complete change of clothes in his/her cubby in case of accidents - shirt, trousers, socks and underpants. The centre has a limited supply of extra clothing for emergencies. If your child wears daycare clothing home, please be sure to launder and return them as soon as possible.

We try to spend part of most days outdoors, so your child will need warm outdoor clothing including boots. In cold weather he/she will need mitts and a hat. In the summer, please provide your child with a sun hat, bathing suit and a towel and sunscreen. Parents will apply sunscreen in the morning and staff will reapply after rest time.

To Prevent Lost Clothing

  1. Remind your child to keep all his/her belongings in his/her cubby
  2. Label articles with your child's name or initials


Birthdays are especially important to a young child. We like to make some group recognition of them by singing "Happy Birthday". If you wish you may provide a birthday cake, cupcakes, etc. to share at snack/lunch. If you would like pictures taken, please send a camera, and we will be pleased to take some.

Field Trips

We take walking trips in the neighbourhood and visit the local park.

Photo Taking

Staff will take pictures of the children to be used at the centre for the enjoyment of families and staff and for the children's goodbye books. Written permission in the form of a media release will be requested if photos are to be used for other purposes such as the brochure or website.

Students, Volunteers and Observers

The centre will have volunteers and Early Childhood Education students whenever appropriate and at the discretion of the senior supervisor. When deciding to take in students and volunteers, the needs of the children must always be given first consideration. Volunteers and students are always extras and are not counted into Staff-Child ratio. They may not replace the staff under any circumstances. All adults other than parents, must submit to a criminal record check, if they will be on the daycare premises.