The Centre enhances the lives of children, their families, and the community by providing a caring, supportive and vital community service.


We will do our best to maintain good health by providing proper and safe accommodation, balanced and nutritious snacks, rest and physical exercise. We need your cooperation on the following health concerns.

  1. All children should have his/her immunizations up to date, before attending the centre.
  2. A child will not be admitted into the centre if there is any question of illness. The children need to be well enough to participate in all of the daily activities, both indoors and outdoors. The centre does not have facilities for the care of sick children. For this reason, you will require alternate care (Someone who can care for your child in case of illness, etc.).
  3. Should your child contract a communicable disease, you must notify the centre so that other parents may be informed. A doctor's written health clearance will be required before a child returns after having a contagious illness.

If your child becomes ill at the centre, he/she will be removed from other children, but kept near adults until you or your alternate contact person can be reached to come and pick him/her up.

No medication can be given to children unless it is authorized by the family physician. Please make a note of dosage, etc. on the medication form, and hand the medication directly to a permanent staff member.

We recommend that you inform your doctor of your child's attendance in the Centre. This can be helpful if the staff need to contact him/her.

The Public Health Department works closely with us and visits the centre regularly. They would be happy to meet with you if you have any questions or concerns you would like to discuss.

Vancouver Coastal Health’s excellent guide for parents and caregivers can be found here: Sneezes and Diseases